report o f group discussion on engendered economic, social and political entrepreneurship

GEDI dialogue on Entrepreneurship
Economic Entrepreneurship
Social entrepreneurship
Political entrepreneurship
Deepti, Uzma, renu, heena, sheel and girish
•     Enabling conditions:
– flexible working environment,
– mentoring networks,
– Services like women accountant service providers
– Mobile training vans, capacity building facilities
•     Motivational and empowerment
–   Books of women entrepreneurs
–   Flexible timings of technical training centres
–   Media programs on experiences of women entrepreneurs and other enterprises breaking new ground
–   Peer learning and mentoring
–   Children being groomed to aspire for entrepreneurial choices
–   Help lines based on mobiles to reinforce the training and capacity building programs at different pace, flexible and at site
•      Institutional initiatives to strengthen entrepreneurship-letting employees move towards entrepreneurship by gradual weaning away –intraprenurship
•      Preference in public procurement where possible
•      Dedicated markets for women entrep ( e.g. manipur )
•      Special angel funds and venture funds
•      Niche market development based on knowledge unique or specially endowed with women,
•      Peer culture and groups to support each other
Knowledge as a tool for transformation
•     Knowledge based enterprises
•     Transition of SHGs from micro finance to micro venture finance, promotion of horizontal markets—encourage peer trade and investments
•     Indian language Softwares specially suited for use by self employed women entrepreneurs( gui suited for the, their navigation styles and preferences)



•     Branding for group marketing and channels for pooling inward and outward flows of goods and services
•     Food processing as a niche markets
Social entrepreneurship
•     Niches which markets will never fill and thus need for new
•     entrepreneurial solutions to emerge
•     Missing Social venture funds
•     Networks of social entrepreneurship to mentor social start ups



 imaginations at work:Should this picture be used to invite tourists to India :
Incredible India
Political entrepreneurship
•     Leadership, and saga of struggles and getting over the humps
•     Support system for budding leaders to assert themselves on various policy and institutional mediations –involving students volunteers
Summing up
•     Enabling conditions
•     Institutions
•     Incentives
•     Opportunities for technological and entrepreneurial innovations in social, economic and political entrepreneurship

Anil K Gupta


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