Sattvik 2018: What shall we take away

Would you not enjoy at Sattvik, an unusual dish for us that is, aranchini rice ball made of aromatic rice Joha stuffed with different vegetables? Or for that matter, a cheela made of drumstick leaves by another group might give you nutrition, taste and aesthetic pleasure. So many farmers and entrepreneurs have brought different traditional and new dishes. Painting dry cotton balls in different colours is a children idea from dendhuki. You can visit Sattvik tomorrow and also on 25th to partake satvik food, ingredients, crafts are on display by 50 women groups supported by Ministry of Women and Child Development from Jammu and Krishna, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Uttarakhand, Bihar and so any more places.

Children are enjoying the innovation maze designed by GIAN team. Children have to find their way out and when they get lost, they find a new innovation. Should not we all get lost some time if that helps us discover innovations. There is a photo shoot site nearby on a designer cycle rickshaw and also a children creativity spot near GIAN maze. Come and get lost.

It in addition to this, we have tried to add more meaningful cultural activities this time including a poetry session chaired by Shri Raghuveer Chaudhary, a distinguished Jianpeeth awardee. Sessions by eminent doctors on preventive health including by ayurvedic experts, physiotherapist, orthopaedic experts, diabetic specialists etc., are also there.


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