visit to an organic farm

met Dr Dinesh who has been a regular stall owner at Satvik, traditional Food Festival organise dby sristio at iima campus for several years, at his farm today.

It was a fascinating experience of hearing ,lestening and understaning the story of cccomprehensive transformation of an arrogant farm manager, as Dinesh put himself  as , into a humble,

kind and empathetic naturalist

there are machines to process organically grown grains, pulses, chikoo powder, lemon powder freez dried, vegetabels which are supplied at home twice a week throigh vans,

huge demand, great delivery and a wonderful enterprise

i did  discuss the possibility of his helping smaller farmers who are compulsively  organic farmers in dry regions

and he has shown interest. I hope ramesh and others at sristi will take thsi idea forward

Anil K Gupta


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