DNA Papers



  1. Prez appreciates innovation from the grassroots, Mar-2013
  2. Celebrating irreverence in every innovation, Nov-2012
  3. Tapping the creativity of common man, May-2012
  4. Innovators today, leaders of tomorrow, Apr-2012
  5. Exploring Gandhian tech interpretations, Apr-2012
  6. Nurturing innovations for further growth, Mar-2012
  7. Managing margins- Hearing the unheard, Mar-2012
  8. Join the fight against corruption, Nov-2011
  9. Five lessons that creative kids can teach us, Nov-2011
  10. IGNITE’10 Unleashing the power of creative young indians, Oct-2010
  11. Social Challenges awards of Rs 20cr a gandhian legacy, Sept-2010
  12. Dissent, disagreement & diversity are agenda for NIC, Sept-2010
  13. Listening to the heart & not to the mind, Jan-2010
  14. One can make a big difference, Dec-2009

Education Innovation:

  1. Summer of ideas- Engaging minds & matters, Apr-2013
  2. Open innovation has emerged, but needs to be sustained, Mar-2013
  3. Building excellence, replicating it, Feb-2013
  4. Redesigning higher education system, by learning from creative, Jan-2013
  5. How to maintain quality in higher education, Nov-2012
  6. Build capacity & don’t hand out reservations, Sept-2012
  7. Rebuilding higher education, Aug-2012
  8. Making open innovation platform work, Jul-2012
  9. A school where children don’t want to go home, Apr-2012
  10. Can Ahmedabad be home to an innovation park, Feb-2012
  11. Teachers can trigger reforms in education, Feb-2012
  12. Turning around centres of higher learning, Jan-2012
  13. Rebuilding institutions of higher learning, Jan-2012
  14. Innovate to get ‘More from less for many, Nov-2011
  15. Minds on the margin, Nov-2011
  16. Education for inclusion & excellence in society,Aug-2011
  17. Smaller institutions & centres need more attention, July-2011
  18. World class academics, but without a world class mindset, Jun-2011
  19. Building institutions of excellence, Dec-2010
  20. Grassroots institution-builder of modern Gujarat, Aug-2010
  21. Transforming a privilege into a right to primary education, Apr-2010
  22. Rebuilding knowledge bricke- forgotten points of references, Dec-2009
  23. Edu system doesn’t allow out-of-box thinking, Oct-2009
  24. Kalam in Ahmedabad for GRIT course, NIRMA convocation, Oct-2009
  25. Former prez Kalam returns to IIM-A, Sept-2009
  26. GRIT course to see several changes, Sept-2009
  27. IIM-A may dig into corpus fund to compensate faculty, says director, Sept-2009
  28. IIMA ready for Kalam sir ka class, Sept-2009
  29. Prez Kalam to return to IIM-A as Prof, Sept-2009
  30. ‘Sarabhai envisioned moon mission’, Sept-2009
  31. India as a crucible of creativity- unleashing the power, Aug-2009
  32. Portal for engg students’ projects, Jun-2009
  33. Shall this summer be a summer of ideas, Jun-2009
  34. Need of the hour- Common educational institution for villages, May-2009

Grassroot Innovation:

  1. How do we learn from innovations, Apr-2013
  2. Winds of creativity riding on Siberian cranes, Mar-2013
  3. Young Gandhian Innovators, Mar-2013
  4. Making horses drink water- let corporations learn, Feb-2013
  5. Expanding space for dissent, Dec-2012
  6. Learning creativity & innovation, Dec-2012
  7. Pakodas sans dripping oil time to innovate, May-2012
  8. The fireflies of creativity, Mar-2012
  9. Minds on the margin, Dec-2011
  10. Innovations for preserving endangered species, Sept-2011
  11. Finding ways to make use of grassroots innovations, Jul-2011
  12. Finding ways to properly utilise grassroots’ innovations, Jul-2011
  13. Children as a part of ‘inverted model of innovation’, Jun-2011
  14. Innovation councils a great idea, Nov-2010
  15. Reforming education for innovation, Oct-2010
  16. Dreaming of a museum of crazy creativity & innovations, Aug-2010
  17. Shape of things to come- predicting future designs, June-2010
  18. Grassroots innovations need to be brought into the limelight, Feb-2010
  19. Taking note of grassroots innovators, Feb-2010
  20. Cultural entrepreneurship at grassroots level needed, Jan-2010
  21. Rethink envrn- Redefine carbon footprints, Oct-2009
  22. Now, black box for your vehicle, Sept-2009
  23. A windmill to run a ceiling fan- A sanctury of ideas, Jul-2009
  24. When nature helped 2 girls find the solution, May-2009


  1. Sustaining Sattvik, by expanding collaborative & collegial culture, Jan-2013
  2. SATTVIK- Food for thought, policy & action, Dec-2011
  3. SATWIK- conserving diversity through culinary creativity, Dec-2009
  4. Celebrating SATVIK food- Poor people grow rich crops, Oct-2009


  1. Cloudy cliffs- The forgotten frontiers, Sep-2012
  2. Discovering ingenuity in the neighbourhood, May-2012
  3. One drop at a time- Conserve water like the Mizos do, Jan-2012
  4. Innovations in water & apathy in forest, Jun-2011
  5. IND shodhyatra- Mapping creative techno minds, Mar-2011
  6. Bridge trust deficit in Kashmir, Sep-2010
  7. Bring order into things to uphold law, June-2010
  8. Bring in development in Bastar to give peace a chance, May-2010
  9. Land without latches & locks , Jan-2010
  10. Grooming geniuses- shunning mediocrity, Dec-2009
  11. The Soul Yatra, Oct-2009
  12. Braving the meandering trails of Mizoram, Sep-2009
  13. Knowledge trapped within glass walls, Sep-2009
  14. Backwaters of creativity- So-called ‘backward’ tribals, Jul-2009
  15. Does women’s knowledge really matter, Jul-2009
  16. See the world with the right perspective, May2009

Social Innovation:

  1. Shun child labour, grant them right to learn, May-2013
  2. Nine grains, nine neighbours- rethinking urban architecture , Apr-2013
  3. Re-innovation in govt- Competitive Accountability, Apr-2013
  4. Will budget aid entrepreneurial upsurge, Mar-2013
  5. Pursuit of true Happiness- GNH vs GDP, Feb-2013
  6. NIF for social, ecological & industrial connect, Jan-2013
  7. Indo-china relations- Global trade vs knowledge exchange surplus, Dec-2012
  8. Will her death herald new attitude, Dec-2012
  9. Will protest persist, why isn’t the government listening, Dec2012
  10. Does India deserve leaders with a frugal lifestyle, Nov-2012
  11. Dr.Kurien , Sep-2012
  12. Big & small must tie up for retail’s growth, Sep-2012
  13. Co-creating solutions- A new deal for the tribals, Aug-2012
  14. Dealing with drought , but not of ideas, Aug-2012
  15. Killing enterprise- Is bigger always better?, July-2012
  16. An idea for every MP is a good idea, June-2012
  17. Led maketh a leader, Jun-2012
  18. Innovation today needs a women’s touch, May-2012
  19. ‘I am the flute, music is thine’, Apr-2012
  20. Learning from African knowledge & innovations , Mar-2012
  21. Creating benchmarks in food technology, Feb-2012
  22. Nurturing unplanned innovations for the park, Feb-2012
  23. Learning from thy neighbour, Jan-2012
  24. Facebook, Dec-2011
  25. Social criticism as trigger fro innovation, Dec-2011
  26. Spreading innovation through ‘The India Idea’, Dec-2011
  27. Why doesn’t Africa have Green Revolution, Dec-2011
  28. Earthquakes- better prepared than sorry, Oct-2011
  29. Innovating homes in city for vanishing sparrows, Sep-2011
  30. Social protest a key to genuine participation through generations, Sep-2011
  31. Frugal & friendly innovations, May-2011
  32. Institutional renewal not enough; personal renewal is essential, May-2011
  33. A lesson in conservation, conflict & creativity, Jun-2011
  34. Inclusive
    growth with soil & soul together, Jan-2011
  35. Water conservation at local that could be emulated, Jan-2011
  36. Incurable disease of corruption, Dec-2010
  37. Make corrupt reflect on their deeds, Dec-2010
  38. Dealing with innovation killers through community, Nov-2010
  39. Dilemma of a hesitant or may be a pseudo- secularist!, Nov-2010
  40. ‘Half of Gujarat is malnourished’, Nov-2010
  41. Adopt grassroots innovations to rein in food inflation, Aug-2010
  42. Innovations in public systems- Who will bell the cat , Aug-2010
  43. Follow Mahatma’s ideas, not just build his memorial, Jul-2010
  44. Rains Have arrived. Why do we keep neglecting rain water harvesting, Jul-2010
  45. For a cup of tea- How to reduce tea garden workers’ agony, Jun-2010
  46. Creative individuals & perceptive institutions, May-2010
  47. Towards inclusive growth- ‘The Gospel of Dirty Hand’, May-2010
  48. Man on a tree saving mission, May-2010
  49. Bring Gandhi & Mao closer to stop mayhem, Apr-2010
  50. Just for an acre of biodiversity; let the natural habitat flourish, Apr-2010
  51. Learn to forgive & you’ll never forget Bapu , Oct-2009
  52. Remembering Gandhi, Oct-2009
  53. The sprit of fasting- loosening some ties, Sep-2009
  54. Being faithful to salt- A story of betrayal, Jun-2009
  55. Endow next generation with nature, Apr-2009


  1. Absorbing creative energy for inclusive growth, Nov-2012
  2. India becoming more transparent , Oct-2012
  3. Let us dare to take bold steps, Oct-2012
  4. Can FDI help kirana stores, Sep-2012
  5. Without humour, you miss wood for trees, Sep-2012
  6. Exodus- Exiled within, memories fractured, Aug-2012
  7. What an idea sirjee, Dec-2011
  8. Diwali, Oct-2011
  9. Jan Lokpal bill- need for an informed debate , Oct-2011
  10. Growing inclusively- The curious case of land acquisition, May-2011
  11. Mobilise political support to foster creative society, Mar-2010
  12. Innovations in small scale industries: Listen to workers, Mar-2010
  13. Water to the deprived: from space to ground, Mar-2010
  14. A riot of colours & thought for art connoisseurs, Nov-2009
  15. The mandarins- why do I suffer for my sanity, Oct-2009
  16. Chandrayan-II should have onboard robot to measure depth of water on moon-Kalam , Sep-2009
  17. Kalam, IIM-A prof Gupta to pen book, Sep-2009
  18. ‘Sarabhai was my guru’ , Sep-2009
  19. Study on fasting Jains to go on for 3 yrs , Aug-2009

Governance now, TOI, The hindu:

  1. Connecting soil & soul, Feb 2011
  2. Water, wisdom & wasmo: a learning journey, Feb 2011
  3. Food for thought, Jan 2011
  4. Grassroots innovations go unrecognised, Jan 2011
  5. Bitter harvest, Jan 2011
  6. Walking the path of knowledge, Jan 2011
  7. What IIMA, NID can teach us, Jan 2011
  8. A pinch of corruption, Dec 2010
  9. Poverty can’t blunt rich minds,
  10. Loom automates weaving of temple border onto sari
  11. Z-drive innovator wins top award
  12. Rural gujarat adopts lac for non-stick cookware
  13. Low-cost machines to level farmlands
  14. A serial innovator with an eye for problems
  15. Innovations for disaster management