32nd Shodhyatra in jalandhar


32nd shodhyatra in punjab http://www.sristi.org/cms/32ndshodhyatra

We are trying to pursue following goals during the 32nd shodhyatra:

a) recognise the selfless volunteers, community members and other
functionaries in different field of social action such as education,
technology, agriculture, biodiversity conservation, pollution control,
nature conservation, looking after elderly and sanitation etc.,

b) we are particularly keen to respect and touch feet of hundred year old grand mothers and fathers to convey our respect for centenarians, learn
from the lessons of their life and convey that they are *devtulya*

c) recognise students from local engg colleges and polytechnics who have done meaningful projects trying to address problems of society

d) we will also share non-chemical means of solving agricultural problems, and try to learn from local experiments in various facets of agriculture,
livestock care, horticulture and other means of rural livelihood ‘

e) if some communities have taken extraordinary steps for women security, care, respect, we will like to recognise them too ( Child sex ratio of Jalandhar district is 874 females per 1000 males.

f) idea is to encourage linkage between local knowledge and formal R and D Institutions so that knowledge economy at grassroots level gets a real boost

pl do help us in locating the selfless souls in rural and urban areas which deserve to be recognised in various social sectors so that a positive energy is unleashed, challenges like cleaning Kal ben river by like Sant Seenchwal ji become possible in more and more domains. as an outsider we can do little, but we can underline the positive energy of our society and hope that it will have ripple effect.
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