Village Knowledge Bank/register: a HBN initiative

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Village Knowledge Bank/Register



The Village Knowledge Bank will help the communities a) learn from each other, b) conserve the knowledge of the elders and associated biodiversity and other resources, c) ensure inter-generational knowledge transfer and d) explore possibility of  setting up enterprises based on local knowledge and resources. Knowledge is one asset which does not deplete by its use, rather it grows through addition of experience, insights and feedback.

The VKB/VKR will not only include traditional knowledge of the elders, women and men, but also new ideas, innovations by youth and others, and contemporary creativity by individuals and groups. The technological, institutional, cultural, educational and biodiversity and other resource/climate-based (soil, rocks, weather, winds, clouds, water, crafts etc.,) knowledge system of the community will be documented. Understandably, not all knowledge can be documented in the first attempt. But sooner than later, this documentation will have to be completed. We have to keep in mind that every time a revered elderly soul departs from this world, a library of the lifetime knowledge is buried or burned that day. We are trying to carry say 200 years or more, old knowledge recollections for next 2-500 years or even a thousand years besides keeping the flame of contemporary creativity and innovation burning always.

School and college students have to play an important role in this process because without youth sharing this responsibility, older generation may not have time and energy to document. Further, in the process of documentation, we also kindle curiosity of the younger generation about societal knowledge system.

All knowledge holders will be acknowledged and their permission taken for recording their knowledge in the VKR. If some members wish to keep their knowledge partly or completely in a confidential part of the register only accessible to school teachers or elders, then their direction will be recorded, respected and complied with. The knowledge which is eligible for IP protection will be kept in a confidential section and will not be published in open access without PIC(prior informed Consent of the  concerned knowledge holder/s).

Name of the village                                                                pincode…………..

Location:  lower, middle, high, very high hills……………………………………                                                 

List of local biodiversity :


Name of the plant         part/s used        purpose  place   season             any precaution       Name of the TK 















Name of bird                 indicator of weather/            any other use/feather       name of TK

                         Pest control or other uses                                                holder

Name of the insects       habitat/season/host               uses (edible/non edible)       name

traditional healing traditions


name of the healer:

name of the ailment           name of the ingredient                           process and precautions

(for women, men, children

Adults, elderly)

Animal healing:

Name of the healer

Ailment                 ingredients                                    process/precautions

Crop/plantation healing

Name of the farmer

Crop/tree                                 description of disease/pests                            control measures

Food traditions

(for weaning, pregnant women, lactating mothers, children youth, adults, older people, any other special need people)

Name of the recipe/food formulation,

Name of contributor


Any thing special in this dish in this village different from others



Is it meant to heal or contribute any special benefit?

Repeat it as many times as needed

Craft traditions

Any special craft peculiar to the village, such as weaving hats with particular feather or special coats or any other wearable, trinkets

Which are the crafts practiced

Is there something/s for which the village is specially known for, or is famous for?

Common property institutions

Are their any special rules for managing grazing lands, water body, streams in rainy season for agriculture or drinking water, or feeding breeding bull, or maintaining breeds of animals/poultry etc.,?


Have these rules led to conservation of landscape and water bodies/streams?

Are their peculiar crop varieties or animal breeds which are distinctive in some character?


Similarly, if any special variety of orange, cardamom,  or any other crop, say paddy or tuber crops ?

Are their weeds which are used for any special purpose not covered above?


Are there any special festivals, rituals or stories specially conserved in the village?

Anything specific in the village history?

Any restrictions on the choices of men or women about any collective activity?

Any special folk song, drama, dance or any other cultural tradition?

Any important historical or archeological or cultural information that needs to be shared with the world at large?

Are there any special rocks, soil, or any other substance that needs special attention or is crucial for performing certain rituals, or making artefacts, building houses or training water courses etc.,

Any special problem for which the village is searching a solution?

Any special knowledge system which can help other villagers in solving problems?

Any weather prediction indicators or beliefs?

Any special way of classifying clouds, soil, slopes, or any other resource in the regions.

Any special farm machines, or tools for making furniture, houses or processing food or any other substance?

Any other distinctive feature of village landscape, history, culture, institutions, or technologies?

Any individual or collective innovation in any field of survival?

Educational innovations

Technological innov




Machinery /crafts

Any other

Name and address of the knowledge provider

Contact info

Phone number

Email if any


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