Dear Archu


Here is a new year story. There was a white rabbit. He liked green grass & some herbs growing in a garden near his burrow.  His burrow had many chambers. In one ge kept threads of various colours. In another he kept pieces of plastic of different shapes. In yet another he kept feathers& twigs to keep him warm in cold winter. 

He enjoyed sunlight & sometime sat in the garden enjoying the dance of colourful butterflies there. He will run, hop & just lie down lazily under the sun. 

One day he saw a little girl peeping out of a window of a nearby house. She threw some nuts out of the window. He sniffed but did not eat them. He wanted her to come out & play with him. But that girl was also a bit lazy. She stayed most of the day inside the house. She did not enjoy sun much. Though she liked cycling & sometimes running around. Rabbit jumped a few times as if to invite her. But she was still not persuaded. How did rabbit get her out ? 


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