Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Ignited Mind Children Creativity and Innovation Awards, 2020 announced


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Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Ignited Mind Children Creativity and Innovation Awards, 2020

In the memory of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the Honey Bee Network, SRISTI and GIAN have jointly organized an annual competition of Student’s Innovative and technical and institutional innovative ideas and prototypes.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Children Creativity and innovation Award competition accepts entries from students up to class 12 and also from school dropouts. This award aims to develop a culture of the “Samvedna” among the children to find solutions to the local problems, addressing unmet social needs. This idea is to make children aware of the problems and hardships that have been faced by the common people in their day-to-day life with which many of us have learned to adapt and adjust. If children start becoming impatient with social inertia at an early age, it is likely that they will bring about more creative and compassionate changes in the society as they grow up.  

Prof Anil Gupta while welcoming the distinguished reviewers mentioned that Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Ignited Mind Children Creativity and Innovation Awards is  given to students with the most promising ideas that address day-to-day problems faced by society, environment and others. The Members of the review Committee includes Anil K. Gupta  Founder, Honey Bee Network, SRISTI, GIAN& NIF,  and CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow), P V M Rao (Professor and Head, Department of Design, IIT-Delhi), Dr. Viswajanani Sattigeri (Head, CSIR-TKDL),  Vijaya Sherry Chand  (Professor & Chairperson, Ravi J. Matthai Centre for Educational Innovation, RJMCEI, IIM),  Ambrish Dongre (Professor, RJMCEI, IIM), Premilla D’Cruz (Professor, IIM), Navdeep Mathur (Professor, IIMA), Dr Vipin Kumar, Director and Chief Innovation Officer, NIF, Dr Nitin Maurya (Scientist, NIF) and  Dr Anamika Dey (CEO, GIAN and Visiting Faculty, IIMA).

This year, we have received around 9000 ideas from 22 states & Union Territories. These were reviewed by the eminent scholars/practitioners at primary stage followed by expert review. This year, nine national awards and six appreciation awards are being given to seven girls and eight boys. 

“Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Ignited Mind Children Creativity and Innovation Awards 2020”

1Ms. Jui Abhijit KeskarThe Orchid School, Baner – Mhalunge Road, Baner, Pune Maharastra

An apparatus for measuring the tremor of a patient affected by Parkinson’s disease.The wearable device will track the 3-D movement of the limb of the patent and signals thereof are received by the controller, which is connected to a database on the cloud. Web application on the cloud can generate the tremor profiling of the patient. Charts can be directly accessed by the patient and the doctor. This will help the doctor to understand the intensity, spread, frequency, duration of the tremor and to decide upon the right kind of drug and planning physiotherapy. Further, the doctor can also get to know the anxiety level of the patient.


Sejuti SarkarJawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,Howrah , West BengalTYPHA:

An organic water purifier bagT

he roots of Typha plant are to be cleaned with water and ground to powder form. Ten grams of this powder sealed in small bag can be put in 500ml water for 25-30 minutes to get a completely purified and potable water. This affordable method of purifying water, would benefit all sections of the society.The plant has been used in the past but not as a dip bag.

3 Shreyas GedamDhyaneshwar vidyalaya, salebhata, Th lakhni, dist Bhandara,Mumbai, Maharasta

A Cycle-operated Low Cost Spraying Machine

This cycle-operated spraying machine helps in ploughing as well as spraying operation with much ease minimising the hardship. It is low-cost and user-friendly.



GSSS Camp Yamunanagar, Haryana

A device for laying and wrapping school mat

A device designed to save time for laying the sitting mat for serving mid-day meal to children in schools in proper manner and wrapping it up after use.

5 ParthviMukund Lal Public School Sarojini colony Yamunanagar, Haryana9416892466

Supply of fresh air to the house through electrical fittings

We keep pipes of electrical fittings with its wires inside the walls in hollow soft plastic pipe of 3 to 6 mm. All the rooms, lobby and kitchen have these wires embedded in the switch boards. We will install an electric pump / blower at the top of the roof. This pump will send air through that 6mm soft pipe to all rooms, each of which will have an air opening in each electrical switch board. Fresh air will come inside the house through this opening placed in the switch board. This method will increase the oxygen level in the house. In the event of closed windows and doors, fresh air will still continue to enter the rooms through the soft plastic pipes. of electrical fittings. A small hole in the switch board can be made to keep fresh air flow in the rooms. To maintain the circulation of fresh air in that pipe, we have to install a motorized blower with filters on the roof.

6 Digantika BoseMemari 3 No ward , P.O and PS- Memari Distric-t Purba Bardhaman

Reduction in Ear pressure due to the continuous use of mask

Health workers, police, and other users have to wear mask for a long time of the day causing constant pressure on the ears. With the help of a discarded plastic,(or any flexible board) a design is made that will stick to the back of the head when you use the mask. As a result, there will be no pressure behind the ears.

7 Charmi B pandyaVidhyamandir, palanpur

A height adjustable Chair for old and physically challenged people

Some people cannot sit on the ground. Many adult and physically challenged people face the problem while sitting. A chair should be made in such a manner that the person sitting on it could raise its height with the help of handle placed on the side chair . This will make it easier for the person with disabilities to get up from the surface of the ground without any hardship.

8 Aniket Prashant KakdeSchool of Scholars ,Yavatmal, MaharashtraMobile Oprated automatic santatizing Machine

A mobile operated sanitiser spraying device has been developed for various public and other spaces. A working model has been developed.

9 Sree Samhita GundimedaKendriya Vidyalaya No. 3 Gandhinagar cantt, Army Cantt, Gujarat382042

Finger crushing Detector in doors

We start by connecting out IR (infrared sensors) which are used for detecting obstacles (a human hand or fingers) to the Arduino and feed that information to the micro-controller. The IR sensor is arranged as, in one direction ( up or down) will be transmitters and the other side will be receivers. All the IR transmitters and receivers will be connected to one Arduino. The IR’s will detect any object which will go to the Arduino and glow the LED (for light indication) or can also be used for a voice message or alert. The light transmitted by the LED can be sensed by the photosensitive sensor or by programming Arduino when IR sensors detect obstacles, can be used as signals to the hinges to lock itself in place or put an obstacle in the middle. If we are using special lock hinges, these have to be re-designed for this purpose.

appreciation awards Yash Gokul KshirsagarMalojiraje Vidyalay, Lonand At Post Lonand Taluka Khandala Dist satara Maharastra

Groundnut Thresher

Groundnut Seed thresher Seed separation of groundnut is daily need in kitchen. The thresher is made from all waste part of motorcycle and bicycle. First we have to pour whole groundnut in the machine. Then when we rotate its pedal, seeds and crushed earpods fall down on earth and we can easily separate seed and its earpods. It can separate one kg seeds in one minute. Its economical and ecofriendly.

2 Sandip biswas Jawahar Navodaya vidyalaya pirulia , West Bengal

Folding Crutches with chair

he has designed crutches with a facility for sitting for the physically challenged. In this system, two parts of a crutch shown in the diagram can be folded to form a chair. And by this the person can sit anywhere without any extra efforts. This is much more helpful for them and the existing crutches can also be modified at low cost.

3 Priyanka Tarki Holy Cross Higher Secondary School Chattisgarh

A machine making fuel from co2

By using this machine, we can save diesel and petrol. It machine uses the atmospheric CO2 as an alternate for this. The CO2 that is present in the atmosphere is used to collect and heated as very high temperature by using various chemical reactions for it. While some scientists abroad have developed the technology, it is still at an experimental stage.

4 Vishal KumarDamla Yamuna nagarBattery Rickshaw for cleaning purpose

This rickshaw is solar-powered and battery operated. It has a roof to protect us from sun and rain. A broom attached below cleans the street wherever this rickshaw moves. The garbage is swept on one side of the road on the move.

5 Busra Imtiyaz DegPrathmic Sara parkhet , Gujarat

A Litmus kind of Paper strip test for artificial sweetness detection in fruits

Now-a-days, the vendors inject artificial sweetner in the fruits to boost their sales and earn extra money at the cost of our health. We can use a litmus kind of paper to detect the extent of externally induced sweetness of fruit/vegetable as distinct from the natural one. When the vegetables/fruits are put to test by the paper strip test, the colour changes as indication of artificial usage of sweetness on the fruits/vegetables.

6 Bodhisatva Ganesh khanderaoKendriya Vidyalay

Mechanical Sieve- Multigrain Cleaning Machine

The machine is used to clean a huge amount of different types of grain in every harvest season. This model is called mechanical sieve or sift. This is a very simple machine which we can use it manually or electrically. This is kept on a firm metal stand. Just you have to move it up and down like a see-saw. Also mesh can be changed as per the size of grain.

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