energy from sewage flow


very practical idea, we at gave an award to school student Moxad for similar idea in 2007 moxad suggested this in 2006, also see another awarded tech on electricity generation from sewage wish our civc authorities were as responsive as portland authorities are, good luck and congratulations portland municipality


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  1. Besides the excellent idea commended by you above, that of creating energy from Sewage flow, we would like you to suggest few areas for the innovators:

    1. While the wild-outcry is going on in Capital city about air-pollution due to suspended particles in the air, it is a sad scene in the morning wherein thousands of municipal-sweepers sweeping Delhi and NCR roads, throwing millions of dust particles into air ! This is an area- how to clean roads without creating dust-clouds- that our brilliant innovators give thought.

    2. Water scarcity is growing as a life and peace threatening issue of future. Innovators attention is invited towards converting sea-water cheaply and effectively into drinking water, which is an extremely relevant area for concerted attention of all innovators !

    3. While all efforts are there to promote physical innovation in the country and world, she sinfully ignores innovations in the field of intellectual and philosophical ideas ! As Erich Fromm, a top man of mind in the century had stated, the area of production has reached its consummate stage in our century. The task of mankind is to concentrate all her attention towards a better-society. Other wise, great imbalance would fall-upon human-societies, the signs of which are already there today.