How does honey bee network really work? A story from Europe& Bihar to UP


How does Honey Bee Network really work, is a question that I have been often asked. It is informal, lives in the heart of volunteers & pursues cross-pollination of ideas globally-now after Gujarat Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network partnership with @undpacclab network in 115 countries.
Now here is a story Chetan V Patel national
Coordinator #shodhyatra and secty SRISTI ORG sent today morning.

Col #akshay #yadav, a volunteer of #honey bee network from #bihar was having snacks & tea in a hotel in Prague, #Czechoslovakia during a trip to Europe. He found a packet of flax seeds exported from india there. On a closer look, he got the details of a fpo set up by shri Ramkumar in #Ghazipur Uttar Pradesh. He contacted him & visited him after coming back. He was inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit & committment to his village & near by communities.

When chetan started developing route for 49 th shodhyatra, #balia to #ghajipur June 20-26, 2023 (u can join too) he was connected with Ramkumar ji by Akshay.

What does chetan see?

Apple variety of #Hari #man sharma from Himachal Pradesh (scouted by dr PL Gautam another wellWisher of hbn & former chair of Ppvfra & NBA) growing at his farm & bearing Apple in eastern UP. Ramkumar jo aldo exports green chili powder to Middle East abd many other agro processed products. Chetan had dinner with him yesterday & shared this exciting cross pollination story of hbn today when I was on my morning walk.

Lesson: morning walk can be Inspiring:- scouting innovators & grassroots entrepreneurs like Ramkumar needs a lot of connections by #honey #bee network;

Thank you Chetan fr preparatory walk fr all of us to learn during 49 sy

Many yatris don’t realise how much effort goes behind our learning walk to scout, spawn & sustsin #grassroots #innovators & entrepreneurs like Ram kumar

You too can Be a Bee!!!

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