i learn, we learn : lessons learned from cine students


online compilation of lessons learned from students of earlier batches of CINE course( creativity, innovation, knowledge network, entrepreneurship) http://pageflip-flap.com/read?r=ayoYb6PCUakB2NKXo#/cover
it is a work in progress, there are questions given in the end to which readers can send their response at cinecourse@iimahd.ernet.in, best answer will get an invite to attend one of my classes here and spend a day with me( whatever it is worth). Those who need a pdf or ppt can request access to my cine folder in drop box.

the painting on cover is more than ten thousand years ago to show that creative pursuits are not new, may have nothing to do with what we have, where we are, and for whom we create;

M Esders has helped in pooling the extracts, but a lot many more projects and book reviews remain to be added. If students of previous batches can send one page summaries of their key ideas, it will help. looking forward to hear from curious, creative mavericks.
title, i learn, we learn, implies that if i dont learn, we dont learn. Unless faculty demonstrates his/her learning from students, how can real learning community be ever created. I hope that we will focus on the pedagogic tool of shared learning more than specific lessons, but no harm is commenting on specific lessons too

Anil K Gupta