Intolerant India: is this India for which Gandhi died?


Dear shaheen

I read your statement that you apologised not for what you said but for the hurt it possibly caused to some people. I admire that. For all the fortitude that you have shown and the public humiliation you have suffered for no fault of yours, you are welcome to be my guest at iima along with rinu. Anyone who stands for tolerant India, inclusive India and secular India, there is at least one home  where she or he will always be welcome. Sadhana and I will host you you both at our home. Come, meet our students, use our library, make tea for you and us, walk and talk, feel proud of yourself for having the courage  to say what you believe in. Disregarding what you said for a minute, your right to say it must be protected. How else we develop the culture of pain talking. But remember, when we seek such rights for us, we grant similar right to others.

I condemn damage to the hospital of your uncle but I don\’t mind if shiv sainiks  disagree with you, dislike you and condemn you.
Having chosen a path of being what you are, may I convey my blessings to you to just stay this way always. Amen!

Rinu, don\’t be cowed down, continue to like or dislike what your heart suggests. That\’s how we become authentic. And as I tell my students and colleagues often, without being authentic, no breakthrough is ever possible in life
Sustain YOur spirit rinu.

Anil Gupta