milk as prevention of viral diseases like TMV, HIV andTthe Economists says so, so trust it at least now. article in honey bee in 1992 was not good enough


when we published articles on milk as a means of controlling viral disease, Indian scientists as usual ignored the evidence, now that The Economist has published news about mother’s milk being effective in hiv prevention, hopefully planners and science leaders will wake up, Ah! colonised minds, we missed two decades of possible comparative advantage

incidentally, USA recommends officially use of milk for the plant virus control also see

see what we published in 1992 and 1993

what the Economist says in 2013

HIV and mothers’ milk As luck would have it: One of the proteins in milk protects infants against HIV infection oct 26,

will we ever wake up???
see 1992, (HB, 1992 Vol. 3(2):2

In the last issue (HB, 1992 Vol. 3(2):2) it was reported that farmers frequently dip their hands in milk when out-planting tobacco seedlings so as to reduce the spread of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). References and observatons furnished by the above authors supporting the efficacy of this practice are:
Chester (1934) was the first to demonstrate the inactivation of viruses by milk .Johnson (1941) showed that milk on greenhouse tomato, likewise, found reduced rates of TMV infecton. Regarding the milk dipping practice, Hare and Lucas (1959) reported that milk by inactivation TMV, prevented contact transmisson in tobacco, peper, and tomato crops. Lucas (1962) reported that components of milk and blood serum inactivate seven plant viruses including TMV. Philippe and Thornberry (1963) showed that casein and certain milk globulins were powerful TMV inhibitors.

Greenhouse tests conducted at CTRI showed that a 1: 100 dilution of milk with water inhibited TMV (in tobacco) by up to 90%. In field trails wherein the same dilution was sprayed at 21 and 30 day intervals after planting inhibition was again evident.

Dr Chari and Nagarajan reported that farmers in West Godvari District have successfully reduced TMV symptoms using milk sprays, but the practicality and economics of large scale use has not yet been worked out.


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