saving in-situ and ex -situ genetic diversity from war and climate stresses


How Syrians Saved an Ancient Seedbank From Civil War

for those who may not know, it is useful to also recall Cambodian war and how Pol Pot, the dictator had banned cultivation of local varieties and thus tried to destroy the in situ genetic diversity. (author of this paper not yet known, inform if you know)

also Ethiopian disaster needs to be remembered when people looted gene bank just to get plastic bottles in which seeds were kept, Ah!!!

Egyptian disaster too should be taught to our students of conservation, and saving public goods

Iraq, Egypt, Syria, and many other war torn countries are also loosing genetic diversity away form the glare of newspapers and media managers…

india should Offer cryo-preservation facility in siachin and laddakh for such gene-collections from all developing world–in case they dont want to send these to Norway


also see

Cradle of Creativity: Strategies for in-situ Conservation of Agro Biodiversity Anil K. Gupta Vikas S. Chandak




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