un-course on ways of knowing, feeling and doing


ways of knowingun-courtseUn-course on ways of knowing, feeling, doing

In view of huge response to the course, I have to try to ensure they those who might contribute more in the discussions are selected. I m mentioning a few questions which you may reply by tomorrow night so that by 13 th I could decide the final list of participants.
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A. Why do you think we have so much inertia in our life? Have you ever regretted that by not taking an action in time on an issue of significant social importance, you lost a bit of your self-respect? If yes, illustrate

B. Is it necessary that people should have big goals in life? What is wrong with ordinary aspirations, average expectations and live life as it comes?

C. What really is the source of fortitude in life? How does it originate and how does one sustain it?

D. Have you learned any thing striking, innovative or transformative from someone you didn't expect?

E. What will this experience of in-course add to your life? What special skill, insights, or ideas will you like to contribute?

F. Pl describe your qualification, learnings, future directions, and journey so far in maximum 150 words

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