Women’s and Children safety : fundamental shift in social attitudes needed


‘Take the Rs2,000, keep quiet, and thank god your girl is alive’–this can not be India in which we want to live. It is obvious that whoever thought that by merely making laws we will solve these problems was not close to reality. Police needs to be trained differently and also their responses to social problems need to be monitored differently. They must be taken off from VIP duties in majority of cases and put on the road for policing duties. Political interference in their appointment at various thanas must stop and a lot more ideas are there in police and ADm Reform reports. We also need to increase social vigilance and show zero tolerance to the cases of teasing and harassment of women. Youth will only be able to bring about this change. Children deserve better. Thankfully more oppressed women are coming out after social awakening created by the Delhi Case, but situation in thousand of villages, brick kilns, farms and other places is still very tragic. But no party is promising implementation of police and adm reforms in their manifesto yet. Hope things will change. but even if they do, social vigilance and change in attitudes can not be substituted by any other step. Any other concrete ideas?