educational reforms: are we barking the wrong tree


This is what MHRD, government of India,  headed by Sibal says ( downloaded on June 28, 2009)

Nearly half the children who entered Class I drop out before reaching Class V, and two-thirds of the children dropout before reaching Class VIII. Regional disparities also abound in rates of the dropouts.

Is it by design  that the union Minister  does not make this  an important agenda for  first 100 days of upa government?  Whether to have board exam in tenth class or not is an importnat issue but that will not detrmine the quality or quantity of educational achievements of india.

will the issue of drop outs continue  to be ignored because urban middle class will not have domestic servants if there was no drop out??

i am told that the drop out rate has come down slightly, but would not our task remain incomplete till even one child is forecd to drop out involuntarily?

Anil K Gupta