how will projects at this portal be upscaled?


dear Yogiraj

 I think you have answered the question yourself, just as you felt intrigued and take the trouble of writing, i think many more like you will feel persuaded in investing in young techminds of our country.

I of course look forward to your suggestions to make it happen better, faster and smoother.

i am also requesting several friends to help me evaluate some of the projects and give their best fine.

slowly and slowly, merit will find its place, investors have started writing already, see

if you agree, i will put our correspondence at my blog under techpedia


On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 12:05 AM, yogi raj <> wrote:

Dear Sir,


I am Yogi Raj, based in Gurgaon and working with a business consulting in biopharma domain. I came across the portal Techriti and found it really ambitious and noble initiative.

A factor that intrigued me that considering the volume ideas and projects that are added in the portal and also that you expect 1% of them to transform into real applications, I am unclear of the path of transformation?

I am also not sure how veterans are going to find these innovations and what will engage them in this activity of evaluating technologies.

Completely agreeing to the fact that I am asking these questions out of the blue; I will highly appreciate your kind consideration.

Warm regards,

On other note Sir, I first heard from you during my graduation. I was then reading a lot about Bhagat Singh and working on few things around that. I took the message from him “Vicharon Ki Kranti” into my life and have been implementing in all my activities.

I heard similar lines form you on that TV show and was quite a distant admirer.

First looking at Srishti, I did not realize it was you, then again looking at your pic and now your signature, I now feel very fortunate to have got in touch with you. I always believed that a man always becomes what he thinks of himself in long term. I would like to save this email as testimony to that and my thanks to almighty 🙂

I am also working on Upliftment of engineering education and trying to think of ways to enhance it. We are still “In the Making” phase . As the name suggests, we believe if Newton could do it, why can\\\’t we? I think this is question which every engineer asks and should ask to himself.

I am also part of some cultural initiaves like where we are promoting folk culture specially from Eastern UP (Purvanchal) and Bihar.

I will be delighted to be in touch with you under your distant blessings and guidance.

Warm regards,


Anil K Gupta