Making Ayurveda treatment of first choice: need fr more science


Many of us have benefitted from Ayurvedic treatment for problems for which other treatment might not have proved as effective or mY have reached their limits. The patients generally consult Ayurvedic experts only when they reach the limits of allopathic systems.
Showing results in the old chronic disease cases is not easy. If still viable results are shown then we need to ask ourselves as to how can we create synergy among ayush systems and between Ayush & allopathic systems. We will have to modify the educations curriculum of all pathies to understand, appreciate and assimilate each other’s strength where needed. China has done it very well. I had suggested that a delegation of ayush experts and Icmr representatives should be sent to china to see how in the same hospital various lines of treatments are fused or blended by the patients abd the doctors. It did not happen when I had coordinated three tier program for innovations in Ayush ministry 7-8 years ago. But hopefully, it will happen now when we have an Ayurvedic expert as a secretary. On the same floor, patient has a choice to have allopathic, TCM( traditional Chinese Medicine) including acupuncture and other complimentary systems. Doctor and patient decide what is best for them.
We need to take several steps to help Ayurvedic system become port of first call. Will share more ideas on dec14 at World Ayurvedic Conference in AhmedAbad.

A) we should collaborate with various institutions like SRISTI, NIF, FRLHT, NBRI, MzoEF, AYUSH, CSIR, ICAR, ICMR, DBT, GIAN etc.; and update the pharmacopeia of Ayurvedic drugs. Obviously, our society has not remained standstill after Ayurvedic texts were compiled thousand years ago. New discoveries have been made, validated in many cases and these need to expand the repertoire of Ayurvedic experts.
B) it is true that most Ayurvedic practices have been vetoed over millennia and this have stood the rest of time. But the organisms causing diseases have mutated, modified, socio-ecological system as evolved, industrialisation has caused tremendous pollution, food has pesticide residues and water May have impurities too. All these conditions have modified the human- drug interfaces. We need to collect scientific evidence using modern tools to establish effectiveness of many treatments. It’s not going to be simple. New tools of biostatistics will have to be used to study interaction of multi-molecule multi-dose abd Multi-target interaction in human body.
C) the Ayurvedic researchers particularly students have to use rigourous statistical tools to collect scientific evidence fr various treatments with proper benchmarks on agreed indicators with allopathic Systems. This will help create bridges across disciplines.
D) large long term observational trials need to be taken up by multi-disciplinary teams to document science underlying functional healing pathways.
The rich wisdom of traditional healers must be accessed using the philosophy of honey bee network. The prior informed consent, reciprocal, responsible and respectful relations between informal and formal Knowkedge systems; fair and just benefit sharing now enshrined in biodiversity convention and authority based systems. I hope that soon through a robust synergy along different systems of healing, an unique model of holistic healing and well being will evolve not just for india but the whole world.


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