secret of Kashmir\’s victory over malnourishment of children


while J and K is in news for many unfortunate tragedies and i pray that that the peace returns to valley soon. One war that they have won has not received enough attention in popular mind in the country. why do we have minimum proportion of malnourished children in J and K along with  Punjab. Tamilnadu,    kerala and Jammu Kashmir in the entire country?

The Hindu reported on June 22, 2007:, Why are levels of child malnutrition high? : A.K. Shiva Kumar
          Levels of undernourishment vary widely across Indian States. Punjab, Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, and Tamil Nadu report the lowest proportions of underweight children (27 to 33 per cent);
          whereas Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh report the highest levels of underweight children (52 to 60 per cent).

I have some explanation to this  very pleasant situation, and from which many policy measures follow. But before that, let me pause and await readers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ comments and observations

Anil K Gupta