which way to go: traditional commodity routes or new era energy saving technological route?


gary Lamphier obsrved yesterday on jun 11:

“Just look around. Many of the most important innovations of our lifetime –cellphones, micro-machines, personal computers, the Internet, satellite communications– were created decades ago.

As a thought-provoking piece in the current issue of Business Week magazine notes, despite the tens of billions of dollars invested in R&D and venture capital over the past 10 years, North America’s innovation machine has stalled”.

and then he continues to argue that it is still  the old age  commodity stocks/markets which seem to deliver real long term gains to investors.

and then ad:

“Don’t get me wrong. Without innovation, we’d still be living in caves and cooking over an open fire.

We need to support innovation. But let’s be honest enough to admit that our fabulous future often turns out to look a lot like our pedestrian present.

So while we’re busy dreaming up that perfect, carbon-free world, let’s try to keep our feet on the ground, shall we. glamphier@the

  journal canwest.com http://www.canada.com/Business/innovation+deliver/1685687/story.html

Is this the lesson, abandon climate, environment and other green technologies because at teh current prices and tax regime,

they dont seem to foot the bill. Just carry on consuming resources because that is teh recipe for surviving present. Nothiong could prove more disteropus for them in the West and for us , who often to ape them.

if such is the case, why are poor people who suffer from commodity constraints the  most given their limited purchasing power, most enthusiastic innovators of energy saving techhnological innovations at grassroots, as the experience of Honey bee network reveals ( see www.sristi.org innovation database and www.nifindia.org variosu awarded technologies and also www.nifindia.org/bd .

if that is not enough, see techpedia.sristi.org and you will notice that energy saving technologies dominate the most the agenda of young technology students in india. ina few months, we will have about fifty thousand projects at thsi site and then 0.5 millon.

let India not go astray and follwo the footstes of those who advise going along the traditional trail, which indeed worked but also ceate dclimate crisis conundrum.

Anil K Gupta