what a spirit: congratulations Venkataraman Ramakrishnan noble for prize


Getting a nobel prize is not such a great thing after all, a brilliant person is expected  to get such awards. venki also got an award. but what he said after getting award is more important.  He blamed media that it did not bother about so many good scientists working in india till they were recognised by western institutions. Two days  ago, he said, even he was not bothered about much. His father talked about menace of political interference in higher education but gracefully did not carry any rancour. he had forgiven those politicians and students  who had complained about him and for which a five year long inquiry was conducted by MSU administration against him. What a spirit of forgiveness.

The fact that Venki continued to support the education of girls affected by communal violence in Vadodara is an extremely noble gesture. I am sure many more people will be motivated to put the hatred triggered by those events behind them, and start seeing humanity\\\’s true face in each human being regardless of his or her faith.

Long live this spirit, and blessings to Venki for this  noble spirit, nobler than the Nobel prize

Anil K Gupta