why dont we see the obvious -1 –higher education


 many times we can not see what is so obvious. Time and again we see our institutions of higher learning being biased against merit, not universally, but in many many cases, yet we don’t both about it. We keep quiet when injustice is done to others.

I think th etime has come when peopel who are not affected directly shoudl speak out every time merit suffers and sectarian interests tak eover. Venki’s father suffered for five years in MS university and i am sure many faculty members must have protested but did it reduce his agnony. There are umpteen cases even today in different universities where justice is denied to those who are good in teaching, research  and have good publications. Injustice can be done in many ways. One of the most troblesome ways is the way our registrar’s offices work in msot universities. I wonder why UGC and AICTE have not seen this  obvious reality.  Appointment of VCs itself many times leads to the the root of the problem. when considerations other than merit play a role, the disortion in values in inevitable. But in democratic systems, political biases are inevitable. under such  a situation, should  not one then have more space for dissent and diversity. There are no easy answers but those who demand nobel prizes from indian scinetists, they ought to speak in favour of reforms of  the distorted cultures in institutions of higher learning in many many places

Anil K Gupta