bench marking our understanding of innovation eco-system


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Benchmarking   our understanding of innovation –ecosystem

1.     what is an innovation, how do we define it?

2.     is it necessary to be an innovator to be successful in social or economic business? 

3.    can you classify different kinds of innovations at different stages of supply and value chain in any specific sector( use extra sheet if needed, better explain it through a flow diagram)?

4.     constancy is an important as constant improvement: comment    

5.     good ideas can come from any where but can any      one perceive or spot them, sift and sort them, assimilate them? What special skill should an eye for innovation have?

6.     not every one may  be an innovator but every one can be creative in some or the other field all the time: comment

7.     open innovation model requires not just sourcing ideas from any where, every where, but also requires incentivizing them appropriately. Comment

8. what kind of incentives do you think will work at which stage of innovation cycle and for which kind of actors?  Try to develop a taxonomy of incentives


Anil K Gupta