district level social venture fund : warangal may take lead


visited warangal, Andhrapradesh  and talked to more than 500 students and faculty form Kakatiya university affiliated colleges. One of the new ideas which emerged was setting up of a Warangal District social venture fund. Prakash, an eminent educationalist and some other friends including the president of the asia’s one of the largest rural markets ( 1500 crores turnover) agreed to take initiative in this regard, thanks or Honey bee network ap coordinator, brig Ganesham, and mr sarma. Once such funds come up all over the country, nothing can stop an entrepreneurial revolution to take place, no matter how hard the Mandarins in Indian  planning commission and GOI try to thwart it.

Dilip kumar, a young student asked me rather brusquely, i am not interested in what you are talking, tell me what are the three values you practice in your daily life? i said, frugality, samvedana ( ability to feel some body else’s pain as one’s own) and curiosity ( curiosity leading to enthusisams, enthusiasm generating energy and energy generating bliss, utsukta generating utsah, utsah generating urja, and urja generating ullas).

Later visited Mallesham who has innovated aasu machine and met his kind mother. What an innovator, Mallesham is. will write about his creativity soon at www.sristi.org/anilg

interaction at administrative training institute at Centre of Good governnce in hyd with new bacth of IAS allied services batch was very interesting. Several of them got enthused to make a difference to the country by taking small but significant initiatives. Let us see.

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Brig Ganesham, coordinator HB ap has infused anew energy in teh network, also delivered lecture at NIT warangal and will write about that more later,

Anil K Gupta